June 8, 2017 – Day 2

Dear Good Shepherd Community,

We write to you today after our first full day in El Salvador.

The day started with pots upon pots of authentic Salvadoran coffee, complimentary of the staff at our San Jose hostel. During our breakfast of pancakes, mango, and papaya, we had the good fortune of hosting Jose and Margarita, grandparents of Roberto (a delegate from two years ago), and Gene Palumbo, a journalist who spoke to us on the social condition and history of El Salvador. After breakfast, the delegation visited Arbol de Dios, home of Fernando Llort, one of the most famous artists in El Salvador. In addition to creating wonderful paintings and sculptures, Llort also masterminded the design of our delegation’s t-shirts. After a quick lunch at Nelly’s, a buffet which provided different types of carne, arroz, y frijoles, we returned to Divina Providencia. The delegation toured Romero’s home, and returned to the chapel where he was martyred. Our next stop was to the hustle and bustle of downtown, and visited the San Salvador National Cathedral, where Romero’s remains lay under a beautiful brass sculpture. At the crypt, we met an eighty year old survivor of the civil war, who had endured heavy torture and loss. Her emotional story touched us all deeply, and reminded us why we were here. She asked for us to be an echo of her story to those back at home. Her message reverberated in our heads as we walked to El Rosario Church, a building unassuming from the outside, yet strikingly beautiful and colorful from the inside, with rainbow-patterned stained-glass windows. It was quite the unexpected surprise. The tour concluded with a traffic-filled ride home, but nobody noticed because of the power of the shared experiences and anticipation of things to come.

Thank you to all who are reading and praying for us, please continue to keep us in your prayers as we travel to El Buen Pastor tomorrow. Buenas Noches.

-The 2017 Delegation Blog Team


4 thoughts on “June 8, 2017 – Day 2

  1. Cardinal Romera is a hero for me. I will be interested to hear more about what you have learned and how you feel. What a great journey you are undertaking.


  2. It is prayerful and exciting to travel with all of you on this incredible journey. Thank so much for the words and pictures you are bringing us. Greet with love our dear brothers and sisters in B.P. Sarah Hotzel

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