June 9, 2017 – Day 3


Dear Good Shepherd Community, Thank you for visiting our blog and wanting to check in on us. We appreciate greatly that you all care for us.

Our day began with us packing our bags, getting ready to go into the country. We enjoyed a traditional breakfast of eggs, refried beans, and plantains, and met with the leader of SHARE. After our meeting we got on a bus to visit the monument of Rutilio Grande. Right up the road from his monument we visited a church that had his body buried right in front of the altar. Then we rode up to the Rutilio Grande community, where we saw a project made by only the women in the community, this project raised chickens for profit. This was a way that the women could be empowered in the community. Afterwards, we went to meet with the high school and college students who received scholarships through UCRES. They put on quite a show. The UCRES family and scholarship recipients fed us a soup of rice and beans with tortillas, then presented a play depicting a day in the life of an El Salvadorian student. They also showed us a traditional Salvadoran dance, and invited us to dance with them, which we gladly accepted :).  Finally, it was time to visit our sister parish, El Buen Pastor. We were received extremely graciously, with the children singing songs and decorations everywhere. It was indescribable to see how much their faces brightened up when we arrived, and how happy everyone was to see us there. After a few hours of playing soccer and softball with the kids, and getting to know the community during a meeting, the delegation was served an amazing dinner of pasteles, cheese quesadillas, and fruit. It was truly amazing to finally reach the destination that we have been so eagerly anticipating, and we hope that our next few days in the community will be filled with community, friends, and fun.

As usual, thank you all for reading, and we eagerly await telling of our adventures in the community tomorrow.

The Good Shepherd Delegation Blog Team

P.S. Sorry for no pictures, the service isn’t exactly the best in El Buen Pastor, so the pictures wouldn’t upload. We will try to send EBP pictures upon our return to San Salvador.


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