June 12, 2017 – Day 6

The rooster’s crow didn’t jar us awake this morning as it has other mornings.  It still crowed at the wee hours but it was no longer such an alarming sound – more the background of our days here.

Jackie’s daughter Rebecca traveled to El Salvador three times.  She wrote letters to read at certain times of our travels and one was to be read on our final day in El Buen Pastor.  Jackie shared this letter during breakfast.  Rebecca beautifully captured our sentiments of having gotten to know and love these people who now seem like family.

A quick ping pong tournament ensued before we boarded the bus to Mass.  We returned to the community to get our towels and swimsuits then packed our bus and the back of two pick-up trucks (standing) to go to La Hacienda, a water park.  A wonderful lunch was waiting for the whole group followed by presentations and pictures,  The water was cool and refreshing and we were treated to an ice cream cone.

Then came the tearful good-byes.  It is amazing how close we can become in such a short time!  They expressed how this one weekend each year rekindles the bonds of the families within the community in addition to celebrating our sistership.  They thanked us for the support that has really transformed their lives in ways that would not have been possible without it.   Most of all they thank us for our prayers and friendship.  We were reminded that we always have a home in El Buen Pastor.

For dinner we ate Pollo Compera – the locals here swear it is the best fried chicken in El Salvador!  We look forward to showers, clean sheets and air conditioned rooms tonight.

As Rebecca reminded us we cannot ‘coast’ through the rest of our trip because there is much of El Salvador yet to see.

Thanks again for your continued prayers

PS: Pictures are here!


One thought on “June 12, 2017 – Day 6

  1. Love love LOVE seeing those beautiful El Buen Pastor faces! Such a hard goodbye, but the memories live forever!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip,


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