Good Shepherd Delegation Itinerary

June 5-13, 2018

Tuesday, June 5

Group ARRIVES in San Salvador

Visit North American Churchwomen site

December 1980 Murders of the Four Churchwomen

Arrive at Casa Alexa

Mass at Divina Providencia Chapel

Linda’s El Salvador Blog

Dinner at Casa Alexa


Wednesday, June 6

Breakfast at Casa Alexa with Isabel Hernandez – SHARE El Salvador director

SHARE El Salvador

Visit to the University of Central America, Museum dedicated to the martyrs, rose garden, chapel where 6 Jesuits are buried

Jesuit Priests Murdered

Lunch at UCA cafeteria, invite UCA Martyrs scholarship students / tour of campus

Information about UCA El Salvador

Visit to Divina Providencia, house where Monseñor Romero lived, and the Chapel

Visit to downtown National Cathedral, Crypt where Romero is buried and El Rosario Church

National Cathedral San Salvador

Picture of Ocsar Romero tomb

El Rosario Church

Dinner at El Sopon tipico – typical food

El Sopon Tipico website


Thursday, June 7

Day with UCRES – Leave for Aguilares

Rutilio Grande Memorial on the way

Rutilo Grande

School of Huisisilapa / meeting with Teacher Wilfredo


Visit UCRES Projects

UCRES Region

Lunch with UCRES team at Rutilio Grande community

Rutilo Grande Community

Visit UCRES Projects

Visit Dimas Rodriguez Community


Friday, June 8

Arrive in El Buen Pastor

Visit School of El Buen Pastor

Day at El Buen Pastor


Saturday, June 9

Visit to the Cihuatan Ruins

Cihuatan Ruins

Cultural exchange /

Dinner at the Casa Comunal



Sunday, June 10

Mass in Aguilares at El Señor de las Misericordias Parish

Lunch at La Hacienda, El Buen Pastor community joins us!

La Hacienda web site

Return to San Salvador

Dinner at Casa Alexa


Monday, June 11

Meeting at the U.S. Embassy

US Embassy El Salvador

Visit Fernando Llort Gallery

El Arbol de Dios

Lunch at Nelly´s

Talk about Reality of El Salvador with Equipo Maíz

Equipo Maiz Website

Christian Based Community at San Ramon – shop for crafts


Tuesday, June 12

Talk with Tutela Legal Maria Julia Hernandez

Tutela Legal

Visit Museum of the Image and Word- MUPI

Museum of Image and Word

Maria Madre de los Pobres – La Chacra

Maria Madre de los Pobres

Tour at MMP school, Clinic, and the Parish

Dinner with pupusas at El Atico – Los Planes de Renderos


Wednesday, June 13

Final reflection and evaluation

12:45 pm Group DEPARTS

11:31 p.m. ARRIVAL at MCI