Tuesday, June 12, 2018

No need for alarm clocks to wake you up in El Salvador. Every morning, the bells of the bread delivery ring through the air.

Today, we went to Tutela Legal Maria Julia Hernandez and met with three lawyers who work on the many injustices in El Salvador. They are very tenacious lawyers seeking justice for victims of the war.

The museum of the Image and Word was our next stop. This museum chronicles the history of the violence in El Salvador. Starting in 1932, the genocide of thirty thousand Salvadorans is displayed a massacre that occurred in El Salvador. One of the more captivating ruins were the pictures of Oscar Romero’s early life and his photos of the indigenous people.



Our more than capable bus driver, Santos, weaved through the narrow valleys of the ghetto to Maria Madre de Los Pobres. This is a community that Visitation Parish in Kansas City, Missouri has had a long standing relationship with. We delivered letters from Visitation and donated books and clothing.

We all were hungry and feasted on more delicious El Salvador food.

Equipo Maiz was our next stop were we learned more about the problems and concerns in El Salvador.

Back to Casa Alexa, to meet with Benjamin Cuellar, who was a guerrilla during the El Salvador conflict. His stories were intriguing and we all were fascinated with what we heard.


We experienced a walkabout in San Salvador when we ventured to the local pizza parlor. In San Salvador, the pedestrians had no right of ways, so we all maneuvered our street crossings. It was a celebratory ending in El Salvador.


Dona’ Cornett